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Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
* Complimentary Consultation

* Exam & Cleaning

* X-Rays

* Extractions

* Wisdom Teeth

* White Fillings (Bonding)

* Porcelain Crowns (Caps)

* Porcelain Veneers


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Karen L. Py Berrios, DMD has been a dentist for 17 years.  She is a proud Temple Dental School '96 Alumni   Dr. Berrios served the U.S. Navy as a  Dental Officer and is now in the Reserves.  She also enjoys working with Temple Dental students by acting as an Adjunct Clinical Instructor for Kornberg Dental School at Quality Community Health Care, Inc., a federal qualified health care center in North Philadelphia.
-DoctorBase, April 2012
Laura Spangler received her Medical Assistant Training at Lincoln Technical Institute and is currently in Dental Assisting School.  Laura's calm manner and warm smile makes our patients feel at home.
Laura Spangler
Dental Assistant / Medical Assistant
It seems children have the right idea about smiling… they smile about 400
times a day.

According to a recent survey done by Time Magazine, 59% of Americans would rather have a dental appointment than be sitting next to someone talking on a cell phone. Maybe some of us should take a hint!
"Dr. Berrios is an amazing dentist. Never a long wait, great service and a very friendly environment. I have been going to this dental office for a long time and I would recommend her to others. Thank you Dr. Berrios my smile is beautiful."
* Teeth Whitening

* Tooth Reshaping

* Porcelain Bridges

* Smile Makeovers

* Dentures

* Partials

* Metal-Free Partials

* Denture Repair